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Here is a downloadable PDF version of the by-laws document

Barton High School Alumni Association By-Laws

Article I. Name

The name of the organization is “The Barton High School Alumni Association”.

Article II. Purpose/Mission

The Barton High School Alumni is a non-profit organization. Our mission each year is to organize the Business Meeting, Banquet, and Dance.

Specific Duties:

  1. We give a yearly $100.00 donation to the college of the recipient of the “Barton High School Alumni Award”. The high school faculty selects the recipient of the award.
  2. We conduct a flower fund offering during the Memorial service. The flowers are then distributed at the discretion of the officers.
  3. We honor our 50-year members with a free dinner. Honorees can bring one paying guest.
  4. New graduates are offered a free membership dinner but are asked to pay a token amount at the time of reservation which is returned the night of the dinner.
  5. At the last closing business meeting, the particulars of the banquet, dance, and the band to be hired, are determined by those in attendance.

Article III. Affiliation

The Barton High School Alumni Association is affiliated with graduates from Barton High School, Valley High School, Westmar High School, and Mountainridge High School.

Article IV. Membership

Section 1. Eligibility – Membership is open to all individuals who graduated with a High School Diploma or equivalent General Education Diploma (GED). This individual must have graduated from Barton High School, Barton Elementary School or lived in the Barton Area and attended Georges Creek Elementary.

Section 2. To Become a Member – Individual must send a letter to the organization asking to become a member. The letter should include the number of years attended and should state that they have a diploma or GED. Qualifying graduating seniors are invited to the banquet and to become a member.

Section 3. Responsibilities – Members are expected to help and support the purpose/mission of the organization.

Section 4. Acceptance of Membership – Membership is accepted with the voting of the Alumni Officers and the members who are present at the monthly meeting.

Article V. Finances

Section 1. Fiscal Policies – The Barton High School Alumni shall adhere to the following fiscal policies.

  1. The fiscal year shall run from June 1 to June 1 of next year.
  2. The Barton High School Alumni is a non-profit organization. All monies received will be spent entirely for carrying out the stated purposes of the organization. No part of the net earnings of the club shall be used to the benefit of any individual member.
  3. Accounting for Expenditures – Members using the funds for any purpose shall give a full accounting of expenditures to the treasurer. Original invoices/receipts shall be provided for any payment/reimbursement to be finalized.
  4. The Barton High School Alumni does not give to other fundraising activities.
  5. Checking Account – The Treasurer and President of the Barton High School Alumni shall sign all checks issued from the Association checking account.
  6. Annual Budget – The Treasurer shall present the budget at each meeting.

Section 2. Dissolution.

In the event of dissolution of the Barton High School Alumni, the funds in the treasury after all creditors have been paid, shall be distributed to the Barton’s Fireman and the Ladies Auxiliary.

Article VI. Management and Organization

Section 1. Management – The Barton High School Alumni Officers have the responsibility and authority to conduct the business of the Alumni as provided for in the By-Laws.

Section 2. Officers – The officers of this organization are President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 3. Election and Terms of Office – Officers shall be elected by the Barton High School Alumni Association at the annual banquet by majority vote. They shall take office at the conclusion of the banquet. Each officer is elected for 2 years. At the end of 2 years, the position is opened up with an election. If no one is willing to take a position after being nominated and the person having that position before is willing to take it again, they can be re-elected to that position by the association. If there is a lack of interest in taking responsibilities, some positions may be combined at the time of elections.

Section 4. Vacancies – If any position of the officers becomes vacant or non-participating with duties of their position for any reason, the President, with approval of the remaining officers, shall open the officer’s position for 2 years at the banquet meeting. Should the office of President become vacant, the First Vice President shall complete the President’s term and the Second Vice President steps up to help also.

Section 5. Officers Duties

  1. President – Shall reside over meetings of the Barton High School Alumni Association to keep meetings organized to appoint committees, to host the annual Banquet Dinner.
  2. First Vice President – Shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence and take on special assignments as requested by the President.
  3. Second Vice President – Shall assume the duties of the First Vice President in his or her absence and to take on special assignments as requested by the President.
  4. Recording Secretary – Shall record the minutes of meetings and keep minutes until the end of the year and then give them to the President to file. The Recording Secretary also accepts assignments from the President.
  5. Corresponding Secretary – Shall correspond with 50-year members, the graduates, and guests. Also he or she will be responsible for typing up the Banquet Booklet.
  6. Treasurer – Shall maintain current status of accounts, disburse funds as directed in accordance with the requirements of Article V, Section 1.

Article VII. Meetings

Section 1. Barton High School Alumni Association Meetings – Alumni meetings shall be held each month from February until May with 2 meetings in May. Meetings will be called by the President.

Section 2. Meeting Designation and Notice - The President shall designate the time and place of each meeting and shall provide appropriate notification. The subject or subjects will be included in the notification.

Section 3. Voting – For any proposal to be brought to a vote, a motion must be made by a member and seconded.

Article VIII. Amendments to By-Laws

The By-Laws may be amended provided they are presented to the President in writing and read at 2 consecutive meetings before they are voted upon. They may then be passed by a two-thirds vote of the members present.

Effective Date:

This document was written by Donna Kyle Churchill and Introduced to the Officers and members on Feb. 5th, 2007. It was read and discussed on Mar. 5th, 2007.

Approved on April 2, 2007


Article II

Article VI

Section 4. On May 24, 2008 at the Barton Alumni Banquet members voted to dissolve the 2nd vice president position and make one position - Vice President.

Article II